International buyers, it's time to get more reliable service at a reasonable cost.  Anytime you choose USPS Priority International (not even Express), we will upgrade you to FEDEX International (either Economy or Priority - depends on your country) at NO additional charge.

For many years, we have shipped USPS and for the most part, have had good success with customers receiving their packages, but the issue always has been lack of consistency in terms of when to expect the package to actually getting it. 

There were some issues as well with FEDEX for International shipments for us in the past year, but we worked out all the details and numerous test shipments to our manufacturers and customers the past few months, which has been impressive in terms of the short time it took to deliver and the ease of the delivery (little to no headache with customs). 

While USPS still remains the best cost effective options for light packages, for those who want FEDEX speed, but at USPS prices, we got your back.   FEDEX, as some of you may know, was about 3 - 4 times the cost of USPS.  Today, it is no longer, but the best part, the reliable and fast service you expect from FEDEX has not changed.

We will upgrade you automatically to FEDEX as long as your country uses the service, which is almost every country sans 3 - 4 countries in the world. 

So for our international buyers out there, happy shopping and we hope this will ease your wallet a bit and get you some of the goodies we offer.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 

AS Team