EVO 2016 Sponsorship - Savings and Shipping Schedule July 8, 2016 10:54

We're once again proud sponsors of The Evolution Championship Series 2016. 

During this time period, our whole staff will be attending so from July 12 - 18, 2016 there will be no shipping of online orders.  For those who can wait, we will offer a storewide discount on the hottest accessories and fight sticks.

EVO 2016 Sale: Starts today thru July 18th, 2016

For ACCESSORIES use code:  EVO20 (Save a 20% off)

For FIGHT STICKS use code: EVO15 (Save 15% off)

Please note that there are some items, such as the Brook Super Converters and some Hori modded fight sticks that are excluded from this promotion.  The Brook Universal Fighting Board is already discounted without needing to enter in a coupon code.

From today until July 18th, you can pick up the Brook UFB for $79.98.  The normal price is $89.98.