No Shipping from 10/8 to 10/12 (Enter in Coupon Code: SCR2015 to Save) October 08, 2015 07:06

Greetings our fellow shoppers.  We will be attending our annual FGC major, So Cal Regionals from October 8-11 and will not be shipping any products during this time as our staff will be attending this event in full force. 

For those who cannot make this event you can still order during this time and save 15% on a large number of items in the store, including many of the exclusive character pushbuttons from Sanwa Denshi x Street Fighter, Sanwa Denshi x GG Xrd and so forth.   Lots of goodies to be had.

We will resume our normal business operations on the 12th of October.  So for now, use the COUPON CODE:  SCR2015 to save some $$.  Hope to see you at the show, if not, watch the stream on several channels, but check out for more information.