No shipping between Sept 13 thru 23rd - Save 15% if you can wait September 11, 2015 22:49

We're taking a little break as we've gone non-stop for literally over 10 years. Our store will be open to take orders, but will not ship them out until September 24th, 2015. This will be effective September 13th to the 23rd.

So what's in it for you if you can wait? Take 15% off most products during this period for fight sticks or accessories.

Use coupon code: VACAY to apply for the savings

This coupon code works for even the licensed character pushbuttons from Street Fighter, Blaz Blue and Guilty Gear. This is the first time ANY coupon code works for this, so if you've been waiting, now is the time to save.

Coupon code does not apply for the following Hori Products:

- Hori VLX Premium Kuro
- Hori RAP 4 Kai
- Hori RAP V for Xbox Dual Mod
- Hori RAP V Kai Silent PS4/PS3
- Hori Fighting Commander 4 Pad
- Hori Hayabusa Joystick
- Hori Kuro Pushbuttons

It will work for hundreds of other products, including limited edition joysticks from Seimitsu, Limited Edition Wooden Balltops from Sanwa Denshi, PS360+

When we come back, we'll have some new announcements and goodies for you. LOTS of good stuff coming.