EVO Championship Series TWENTY | FIFTEEN 3-Day Sale July 16, 2015 00:31

Once again, we are proud sponsors of the EVOLUTION Championship Series held in Las Vegas.  Not only will we be present with our amazing staff at EVO offering Limited Edition products, but we wanted to extend this to our online buyers who cannot make it out to this special event. 

For "2015" we are offering 2 types of discounts. 

20% off ALL accessories (Sanwa Denshi, Seimitsu, Akishop's PS360+, etc - Does not apply to Limited Edition or Exclusive Products).  

15% off ALL fight sticks (Hori, QanBa, etc - Excludes Limited Edition or Exclusive Products). 

Use coupon code: EVO20 for 20% off accessories and EVO15 for 15% off fight sticks.  Our prices on the majority of items already set the standard for the lowest prices on the net and with these additional discounts you will save even bigger.

Sale starts July 17th at midnight and goes until July 19th right before midnight.  Do NOT miss out as many items will sell out.