Hori's HRAP4 Premium VLX Kuro's are here April 30, 2015 00:12

It's been a very long few years since we have had the opportunity to get our hands on Hori's Premium VLX fight sticks.  Besides us being resellers, first and foremost, we are huge gamers and collectors of what we sell.  This is a big reason why you have seen custom and unique products from us the past year.  We simply love this stuff at an insane level.  Many resellers do this for a living, which is absolutely fine, but we do what we do, because simply, this is our passion.  We breathe video game parts and continually think of new things to bring to the market that really makes a difference.  Buying and reselling can be done by anyone and for everything we want to do, we pursue to be that special place customers seek to buy their goods. 

Ever since we set our eyes on the first Premium VLX, we have been at it, being the first small vendor, outside of Amazon.com to offer the original Premium VLX.  Hori later worked on an exclusive collaboration with Amazon Japan for the 2nd Version, the VLX Diamond, which we persistently clawed and pursued to import here to customers in the United States at an extremely reasonable price, about half of what resellers were offering once imported from Japan. 

After 2 versions of the Premium VLX, we felt there was still much life left in this stick and a third and final Premium VLX just felt right, not only for fans, but the whole FGC.  A new system, a hot fight stick market and a time where sticks were not only seen as a gaming weapon, but as a collectible stick.  It was just time and fortunate for us Hori Japan gave the thumbs up on the project known as the "Premium VLX Kuro" which was all Hori parts and offered the latest features such as a touchpad and PS4/3 dual mod compatibility. 

Today, April 29th, we received our shipment of these beauties and it's just an amazing feeling to complete that Premium VLX Trilogy.  If you haven't had a chance to experience on of these and just feel the build quality, weight and construction, you'll know it's at another level.   This fight stick is built like a tank and has a design that is way ahead of it's time.   If you want the "Jordan" of fight sticks, Hori's Premium VLX Kuro (along with their other variations) makes a darn good case for being just that. 

Get these while you still have time.  As history shows, once these are gone, the value simply sky rockets.