Restock Alerts!! via Facebook and Twitter April 8, 2015 21:19

To give you gals and guys heads up, we will be adding some NOS (New Old Stock) of various items in our store periodically.  The most effective means in doing this is on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Some of the items we will list are in very high demand and some have not been seen in the store for over a year. 

Where did these items come from?  Many of the cool, unique and collectible items we carry are a one time production. We generally buy our own collectible items this way and from this, sell them the same so that they're limited to those who care to collect them.   A good portion of what we're updating as a "restock" here are from the Arcadeshock Collection.  What this means is that they're in NOS (Old Stock items that are New or New Old Stock). 

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook because we have some 'heavy' collectible stuff coming.  For those who say "I could care less about the collector's market" just know that these products are still high quality parts and components that perform to the highest standards.