Hori's RAP4 VLX Kuro Pre-orders SOLD OUT! March 26, 2015 21:06

Congratulations to those who reserved the Hori VLX Kuro. Our pre-orders are sold out. We actually oversold some of our inventory for upcoming shows so we have to cut off orders to have some stock remaining for those who plan to attend the following shows:

Nor Cal Regionals 2015 : Sales will be online only as it's not physically available. Sales will open at 10AM sharp on April 3rd thru April 5th or whenever the quantity allotted sells out, which we will anticipate within the first few hours.

So Cal Regionals 2015 (TBD): We have not secured a booth, but hopefully we will attend. Sales for this item will be On-Site (maybe online, but unlikely as we won't have enough inventory).

EVO 2015: These will purely be on site sales only.

If you cannot attend either SCR 2015 or EVO 2015, we suggest picking on up on April 3rd online.

We love the VLX design and construction, but unlike George Lucas, we will stick with the Trilogy and keep it in classic form.