Exciting New Products for the FGC for 2015 March 25, 2015 23:50

If you're really into cool new products and love the excitement of how new sneakers are released, you are in good company.   If you're a sneaker head, you know exactly what we're talking about.  Air Jordans being the highest demand shoe product on the planet is announced weeks/months ahead and when it's launched, 95% of the time, they sell out.  The thing is, if the AJ is hot you pretty have about 1 minute to grab them before they're sold out. 

At Arcadeshock, we're not here just to 'sell' a product.  We use, buy and now help develop quite of few items that we buy from our vendors.  We simply love this stuff and for years, seeing what's been released or lack of, we have always had the itch to provide our input on what we think the fans would really find useful, but yet, perform with the highest standards. 

Some of the products such as the licensed characters on Sanwa Denshi pushbuttons were ideas that derived from us, years ago.   We were told it could not be done by various vendors, year after year, but we kept pushing and now, a few licenses later, it's flowing through the FGC. 

The purpose of this specific blog is to inform those who follow us that we will be releasing quite a few new products this year for the FGC and we will be announcing them a week or even a month before it happens so everyone can have a shot at some of these releases.  The one thing we don't like about how the limited releases of shoes are done is most of the time we miss out and come out empty handed, later only resorting to paying more than 30% after market for it. 

We will do everything in our control to prevent this from happening with products that you find from us. 

On March 31st, 2015 at 11:00AM you'll be able to pre-order something that we've been pushing for over 2 years.  Not to over hype this product, it's a small teaser for MANY things to come from us.  It was one of the pieces we were going to have as an exclusive piece at EVO 2015, but decided that it would be better as a mass produced product. 

So please join us this year in a journey of unique goodies.